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Market Investments: What to do Next....

         I hope I haven't scared everyone too much with my doom and gloom regarding market predictions. Think of me as a meteorologist. I can see the storm coming and that it's going to be a big one, but I'm not sure if flooding will reach the second floor. You may have stayed home to ride out the storm in the past and that's what your friends and neighbours are doing so why not. My point is: why take the risk? 

         Investments in any form, from mutual funds to bonds and equities are all at risk from this storm. Currently, we are only seeing the outer bands, and yes a few days of sunshine, but my doppler is showing that the eye of this storm is yet to come.
The last seven years from bottom to top saw a 100+ % return in Toronto and a 300% return in the US markets.
         The TSX hit a high of 15,600 in April of 2015 and is currently down by 20% sitting at 12,300. Historically, the average economic upturn is 37 months, this one was a whopping 73 months; our 2nd longest economic upturn in history.

         We are seeing clear signs that the storm has begun and that the downturn is happening. This storm will not be over in a day, or a week, in fact an average downturn lasts about 18 months, we are now between 2-5 months into it. You are not too late.

         If you haven't already said thank you to the market and are sitting safe and in cash, there is still time to evacuate. If you are thinking this is over, I just want to continue to caution you. You can be sitting pretty in another location, safe and worry free or you can stay on watch hoping that you will continue to get those up days or bands of sunshine. I don't want to see you waiting on the top of the roof for help to come. 

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