Five Steps to Creating Luck

“The amount of good luck coming your way

depends on your willingness to act”

Barbra Sher

Are you lucky? Can you become lucky? Although no one knows exactly what luck is, there are four distinct beliefs on the subject. Some believe the world is random, some have religious views that prayer will effect outcomes, some believe in astronomy, while others believe they can predict the future through palm reading, tarot cards or glass balls. Whatever you believe, the odds of being lucky can be increased by your attitude and willingness. You have the ability to be lucky! 

Step 1. Increase the number of people you genuinely interact with in a positive way (Whether that’s the guy at the newsstand, neighbour, at work or at play: be interested in them, listen to them, care about them).

Step 2. Understand gut feel. Love at first sight is not a gut feel, it’s a hope (thinking you will win the lottery or a horse race is not based on any facts). When you explore an opportunity, or interact with someone your subconscious will notice more than your conscious. After a number of looks, listen to your gut. Allow time for your gut feel to develop.

Step 3. Be open to new opportunities. Be willing to spend time and explore options that may be presented to you

Step 4. Be courageous not careless. Look at the odds of success vs. failure . Do not jump in; evaluate the upside and downside. Be somewhat pessimistic when evaluating the odds, what could go wrong?Where would that put me?

Step 5. Be willing to be wrong. Be that the stock market, job choice or business decision, listen to yourself when you know it is wrong, cut your losses and get out.

If you want to be lucky with your investments, you have to follow the odds. Understand what you own, weigh the odds and you will succeed.

"We are with you, every step of the way"



Its Time

Understand What You Own

Reduce Fees Avoid Risk