Are you playing in one corner of the sandbox?

    Most Canadians are invested in Canadian mutual funds. But are they really diversified? Dividend fund, income fund, equity fund, or balanced fund, they all look the same. In Canada are largest holdings in any of these funds will be our beloved big 5 banks, and the largest oil companies. The returns of each of these funds actually differs little. Are you actually diversified with these porfolios? Could the investing sandbox actually be bigger than we are?

     When ranking the 40 investible countries according to earnings vs price (how expensive it is) and dividend yield (what they pay to shareholders) Canada ranks 23rd and the United States 31st. Countries like Russia, India, Norway, China all have stocks that are less risk and pay higher dividends.

     Canada represents 4% of the global economy. When we invest in only Canadian equities we miss out on the largest drivers of the past 20 years. What about Netflix, Apple, Google, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, construction companies, the cloud, artificial intelligence, for that mater almost all technology. We are missing out.

     North American corporations are maturing, there is a whole new world to explore. China and India will grow in leaps and bounds over the coming 25 years, looking similar to the growth we have seen on our continent. More and more people moving to the cities, buying cars, real estate and all the growth that goes with it. Who will benefit from that growth? Those who invest in it!

To invest in the future, we need to invest where there is the most growth.

      True diversification does not mean buying 5 banks and 6 oil companies, nor does it meaning owning one currency, or investing in one country. A global portfolio will hedge you from big losses in one area while giving upside in another.

Why play in one small corner of the sandbox when you can use it all.


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