Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Our mission

enable anyone, regardless of their financial status, to see their Life and finances differently. We want you to Reimagine your life and take control.

Our Approach

The concept of Middle Retirement is having Financial Freedom to do what you want in your life. We help you move to an unconventional way of thinking when it comes to life and your money. We encourage and empower you to take control at every step in life’s journey so you have peace of mind, understanding and the ability to live your dreams today.


How we are different

The financial industry wants to be in control. The coaches at Middle Retirement want you in the driver’s seat. We are invested in Financial Literacy and are working hard to promote education and empowerment. Owning a brokerage firm and working in the stock market for 20 years provides us with unique inside information on investment choices, being retired for 14 years helps us understand priorities.

As coaches, rather than advisors, we are here to empower you and provide unbiased information on all investment products and options. We see the pit falls, know how to navigate them and can coach you to the higher side. Retiring at 40, with a young family provides us with a unique perspective and a different approach. We know what is possible and can coach you or your group to make your IT happen.

We will push you to set new targets that will help you reach your goals.

Stephen Renault covers a broad range of topics and can customize a keynote, seminar or workshop to meet the needs of any group — from corporations to professional organizations and associations. Every program is based on the core elements of coaching principles designed to empower you in life, both personally and professionally. Follow-up private or group phone coaching sessions are recommended to immediately apply and integrate the new insights and information.


Why we can help

  • Over 20 Years Experience In The Stock Market

  • Over 15 Years Retired

  • Small Business Owner and Consultant

  • Understand The Needs Of Investments For Retirement

  • Up To Date

  • Travelled The World

  • We Have Redefined Ourselves

  • Contrarian In The Industry

  • Spiritual Understanding Of What Is Important In Life

  • Will Empower You To Understand Your Finances