Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

Individual & Couple Coaching

Having a Financial Coach, means having someone you can count on to help teach you and your significant other about your investments and understand what you own. We are here to help you take control of your finances, by eliminating industry conflict of interest you will reduce your fees and avoid unnecessary risk. Meeting four times per year we help you take control of your investments and provide financial peace of mind.

  • Investment Organization
  • Take Control
  • How To Pick Investments & Stocks
  • Retirement Strategies and Planning
  • How To Maximize Your Returns
  • How To Minimize Your Risk
  • Social Responsibility & Inheritance

Business Consulting 

Raising billions of dollars for private and public companies, Middle Retirement works directly with its clients on start-up structure, business growth, tax effective corporate investments and exit strategies to ensure future success for you and your company. Wherever you are on your business journey and regardless of your business size, we can help you plan, grow and reach your optimum.

  • Tax Effective Corporate Investments
  • Exit Strategies
  • Finding A Replacement CEO
  • Alternative Investments
  • Business Financial Planning
  • Funding/Expansion
  • Successful Succession
  • Bridging The Gap Between Business And Life

Group Coaching

Bringing 30 years of stock market experience and knowhow, Steve energizes groups to understand their investments and take control. By being an independent coach, he cuts through industry terminology to provide simple, easy to understand language, empowering his clients.

  • Youth Financial Education
  • Corporate Events
  • How The Market Works
  • Seminars

Employee Financial Education

Employers lose billions in health care costs and absenteeism. With financial stress the root problem, Middle Retirement’s Employee Financial Education Plan improves productivity and your bottom line creating positive branding and a happier workplace. 

  • Investing options
  • Individual 
  • Money Coaching
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Stress Management

Steve made it very easy to move away from 25 years of paid and commissioned financial advisors. I am more confident with my retirement money instead of accepting whatever I was told.
— Geoff Comrie, Entrepreneur and Business Owner