Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada

Financial Coaching


Tiger Woods has a swing coach, Ben Bishop has a goalie coach.  Coaches like Vince Lombardi are celebrated for what they can do to help people reach their full potential. We all have talent, but would burned out and continue to make simple mistakes without having a coach to help.

If you wanted to improve your business, you would hire a consultant. If you wanted to improve your marriage, you would hire a counsellor. If you wanted to improve your money, you would want to hire a Financial Coach. Working one-on-one with a Financial Coach will help you identify the problems in YOUR check book, get you to turn around, and lead you in the right direction with your money.



We are your Personal Finance expert to help coach you through debt, credit, saving, retirement, budgeting, paying for college, and spending wisely. While we can help you with Financial Planning, our real job is to educate you about your finances, to help you take control and show you just how you can reimagine your life to make your dreams a reality.

  • We will get to know you and your finances
  • We will work with you one on one to improve your financial portfolio
  • We will explain how money really works and bust the myths about the market 
  • We will be your mentor and coach you through the tough times and help you reach high ground
  • We will give you the tools that it takes to keep your investments in your hands, not your advisors
  • We will offer recommendations and show you how these changes will improve your net worth



(Everyone Is Unique)

Everyone’s financial situation is different. You maybe the CEO of a large Financial Institution in Toronto or a Doctor in a small town, but you all need a coach.  You need someone to help you see YOUR big picture and make it a reality not just for you but for your family.



By calling us today, you will start to gain the confidence and the knowledge about your investments that has never been disclosed to you before. Today you will learn how you can reduce the fees on your investments, how you can re-evaluate you current risks. Today we can show you how to take control and give you your financial peace of mind.