Understanding the Personal Pension Plan

What is a Personal Pension Plan™?

It is a Canadian tax-savings solution for business owners and incorporated professionals looking for a better way of saving for their retirement. As compared to an RRSP, the pension solution allows up to 60% greater tax-deferred compounding until the individual retires.


Shelter More Income - The ability to build a larger retirement nest-egg by increased contribution levels on an annual basis.

Safety of Your Assets - Your savings within a pension plan are protected from the claims of trade creditors and furthermore, we offer tax-exempt roll-over of existing RRSP assets which will provide further protection of all registered assets.

Tax Deduction of Fees - The ability to deduct all investment, actuarial, administration and trustee fees related to your account from corporate income.

Mitigating Market Losses - The Pension Plan allows the sponsor to make additional tax-deductible contributions each year to top up your account if investments return less than 7.5% to ensure full funding of your pension plan.

Contribution Flexibility - We offer a combination plan that allows you to switch between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution components to allow for changes in the economic climate of the business.

Greater Scope for Investments - INTEGRIS provides the flexibility to invest in a wide range of non-traditional investment vehicles that are otherwise not available inside of an RRSP.

Other Benefits

•Assets can be transferred from generation to generation with NO deemed disposition

•Transfer of Commuted Value from Existing Pension Plan do not Trigger Tax Implications

•33% Rebate of all HST paid in connection with the PPP

•While PPP must cease contribution if overfunded, member may still contribute personally to an RRSP

•Early retirement at Age 55 with pensionincomesplitting

(RRIF is age 65)

•Transfer additional RRSP to AVC account to deduct fees and ensure creditorprotection

•Purification for lifetime capital gains exemption

•Fiduciary and governance by registered administrator included

Corporate tax Deductions in a PPP 

•Greater Annual deductions 

•Terminal funding (up to $1,000,000)

•Past Service Contribution

•Special Payments (if returns under 7.5%)

•Interest on Loans for Contribution 

•Investment Management Fees

•Annual Administration, Trustee, Actuarial Fees

The Personal Pension Plan is divided into three separate accounts

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