Cat Ba Archipelago, Vietnam

  Steve, Maseru, Lesotho, South Africa

Steve, Maseru, Lesotho, South Africa

Steve Renault

Founding Partner Middle Retirement

Steve is one of the stock market greats. Starting at 22 on the floor of the exchange, he moved his way up working with and against the industries best. Eventually, he became a brokerage firm owner, taking revenues from 3 million to 24 million in the first year, by trading billions of dollars in pension and mutual fund stocks. He understands the financial markets and their secrets.

Seeing the importance of living in the now and listening to his father’s words of wisdom, “When is enough, enough?” He traded his life of means to a life of meaning and began traveling the world with his family. He knows first hand what it means to be retired and the importance of depending on your investments.

Steve understands the negative and positive effects of financial investing, the pit falls and the disconnect.  He has dedicated his retirement to financial literacy and empowerment. “I want to give people the power to understand their money and how to make it work for them and not just their advisor and the investment industry.  I want to show people how to align their finances and their life so they can see their dreams as realities.”

Steve is also author of the book Mid-Life Crisis Retirement where he shares some of the industry’s secrets, demystifies the art of investing and helps people understand what they have today and can have in the future.

Trust...confidentiality and integrity was most critical when trading. We expected the best execution and only dealt with those that could fulfill our mandate. Steve was and is one of them.
— Frank L. Mersch, Chairman, Chief Investment Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager, Front Street Capital

  Lisa, Simatai, China

Lisa, Simatai, China

Lisa Dower, BPR

Founding Partner Middle Retirement

Lisa takes a comprehensive approach to the business side of coaching. She ensures client goals, objectives and dreams are met.  An award winning PR expert, she has been recognized by groups like the Canadian Public Relations Society and the International Association of Business Communicators. She brings a wealth of experience in media relations, advertising, planned giving and philanthropy. 

Lisa started her  successful career in advertising and television, where decades later they are still using her unique platforms. Her out-of-the-box approach, coupled with a passion for PR allows her to tell the client’s story in unique ways.

With over 35,000 followers on popular travel web sites, Lisa's ideas and creative sense of family adventure is sot out around the world.  If travel is in your future and part of your dreams, Lisa can help make it a reality.

Lisa serves as Chairperson for Mission Outreach at The UCC and on the board of the Montessori School. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Public Relations with a focus on journalism from Mount Saint Vincent University.  

 Brandon, Tiny Beaches, Ontario

Brandon, Tiny Beaches, Ontario

Brandon Renault

Manager of Business Development

Brandon loves bringing an idea to life.  With an educational background in marketing and over 10 years in sales and customer relations, he understands what clients need. Service is his passion, making him an ideal addition to the Middle Retirement team and the perfect fit to keep us and our clients on task when it comes to finances and reaching our goals. 

Brandon has travelled to many parts of the world and across Canada allowing him to adapt and embrace his surroundings. Eager to share his creativity and positivity with people, and is always giving back. If you can’t find Brandon at the Middle Retirement office chances are he’s volunteering, or spending time with his partner and three kids enjoying life.