St. Pete Beach, Florida, U.S.A

Past Events

“I was fortunate enough to hear a presentation on investing and finances by Steve Renault, during a recent Stetson Law Lecture. He took the very complex world of finances and investing to an understandable and enjoyable level. I do not believe there is another educator out there that has his experience. His down to earth, funny and frank presentation gave us hope that we too could have security about our future. I would highly recommend him as a speaker to any group, conference or corporate event.”
— Stephanie Pletcher, St. Petersburg, Florida

Conference, Business and Group Speaking

  • Making a Plan for Middle Retirement
  • Understanding how the Stock Market works
  • How to Read Financial Charts
  • Risk in Investments: What you have not been told and how to insure your portfolio
  • How to reduce investment fees
  • How to be your own Portfolio Manager
  • Why being a contrarian in the market works

Speaking Opportunities

Understanding Your Investments:

Steve has dedicated his retirement to helping people understand their investments, when to avoid market risk and how to reduce investment fees.  As an educator, he’s passionate about sharing wisdom gained from 30 years in the stock market. In simple language, Steve empowers people to take control and maximize their investments, to protect and insure their financial future.

Financial Relationships:

Research shows that couples who talk about their finances have stronger, happier relationships, yet the majority avoid talking about money.  Sharing years of investment knowledge, Steve empowers couples to understand their investments and potential risks.  Showing them how to reduce industry fees, he helps couples grow their financial future, establishing a clear path to a healthy retirement together. 

Business Owners: 

Reducing fees and avoiding risk means a strong bottom line.  Speaking to business owners about innovative tax strategies and effective investment options, Steve shares his 30 plus years of investment success, empowering leaders to ensure financial health.


*Middle Retirement is able to tailor its topics and complexity of discussions based on the audience's investment experience and desired outcome of your event*

Your presentation gave everyone a sense of hope, that anyone can be financially responsible and financially stress-free. That kind of advice is priceless.
— Linda Brown, Tampa, Florida