Your presentation gave everyone a sense of hope, that anyone can be financially responsible and financially stress-free. That kind of advice is priceless.
— Linda Brown, Tampa, Florida
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Retired U.s. navy seal commander Bob Hoyt:

“the three guiding principals in which i live my life: take risk, take action, and take a swim buddy”

Join us for ONE night only, with special guest, retired United States Navy SEAL Commander John R. (Bob) Hoyt. Learn about the many obstacles Bob overcame though his experience as a special operations commander, and how he has implemented this experience in real life situations.     

Bob Hoyt grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and enrolled in the US Naval Academy in 1985.  Soon after, he was commissioned by the US Navy and immediately entered Navy SEAL training where he graduated with BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) class 166.  Through his 22 years in the Navy, Bob did tours with various SEAL teams across the United States, and he rose through the ranks to become Commanding Officer of SEAL Team TEN and Special Operations Task Force Commander of TF17 in Iraq. 

While serving as a Navy SEAL Commander, Bob learned he needed to look beyond himself and rely on his surroundings to survive and to keep his team mates alive as they advanced into the unknown.  By carefully assessing risk and planning for it, having the courage to take action and keeping focused on the bigger picture, Bob was able to thrive and stay alive, not only for himself but his family, friends, other officers and members of the Navy under his command.

Today, Bob believes in charity and sharing his experiences to help others make decisions for a lifetime and generations to follow.  

Bob is married with two daughters and currently holds the position of Director of Defense Programs for Jabil Corporation, a Fortune 500 contract manufacturing company in Florida.

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“I was fortunate enough to hear a presentation on investing and finances by Steve Renault, during a recent Stetson Law Lecture. He took the very complex world of finances and investing to an understandable and enjoyable level. I do not believe there is another educator out there that has his experience. His down to earth, funny and frank presentation gave us hope that we too could have security about our future. I would highly recommend him as a speaker to any group, conference or corporate event.”
— Stephanie Pletcher, St. Petersburg, Florida

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